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Industry Expertise

Raneso delivers exceptional software development and consulting thanks to a deep knowledge of the industries in which our clients operate. We have domain expertise in the following industries:

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As an enterprise application development company, Raneso helps clients in different business domains to leverage modern tools and technologies and create a full-fledged software ecosystem. What differentiates Raneso’s teams is a unique blend of industry-specific knowledge and technological competence. Clients rely on us for a long-term partnership, elastic scaling of engineering teams, and a multitude of tech services offered.

Modern enterprises keep up with the latest technology trends to optimize their workflows, offer better user experience to customers and partners, and generate higher ROI. Some of the emerging technologies for enterprises include:

  • Advanced analytics based on predictive modelling, ML algorithms, and business process automation
  • Cloud computing, cloud infrastructure, DevOps
  • Internet of things and wearable technologies
  • Intelligent automation

As businesses strive to remain on the cutting-edge of technology, the security and compliance standards they need to follow appear as stringent as ever. So the process of enterprise software development must include such stages as cybersecurity vulnerabilities assessment and security testing.

Raneso offers a full-cycle enterprise software product development: starting from legacy applications modernization roadmap or solution design all the way to implementing a well-architected application (for web, mobile, or desktop) and providing managed support for it.

We also have experience in such narrowly specialized services for enterprises as quality and performance engineering, user research and data-driven UI/UX design, mobile-first systems, and IoT.  

A reliable software application needs to consistently deliver intended business functionality in a cost-effective manner and preserve availability and reliability at all times. Its architecture should be designed for scalability and high availability. Besides, it should avail options for customization and potential integration of third-party products for dedicated departments and lines of business. A reliable enterprise solution is not vulnerable to data breaches and cybersecurity attacks, which means it should be thoroughly pentested and regularly assessed from security and compliance perspectives.

At Raneso, we ensure every solution designed and built as a part of our custom enterprise software development process not just meets modern-day security requirements but is also future-proof