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Boosting the efficiency, profitability and safety of the insurance sector through innovative insurance software solutions.

Keep your compliance on track

Raneso’ Compliance Automation Platform allows highly regulated sectors like insurance consolidate and automate all their compliance efforts. Reduce the total cost of compliance, resolve issues and manage changes in regulations across your entire value chain.

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Harness the Cloud's scalable architecture and adopt Blockchain to secure transactions, prevent fraud and reduce admin costs through automated third-party data verification. We deploy distributed Hyperledger, private IPFS, Node.js, LDAP, KeyVault, AWS and Alibaba to support global security requirements and enable trusted file sharing.

We’ll help you adopt AI-driven mobile technology that enables real-time risk assessment, while refining your catastrophe modelling software and enabling agile pricing to mitigate losses. Our data science team can provide advanced fraud analytics and automated risk management – beneficial for property and inland marine insurance firms.

The RANESO team helps carriers, brokers, MGAs and MGUs to unlock the potential of legacy data and exploit real-time analytics to make better financial decisions. We utilise advanced capital modelling and dynamic financial analyses for capital markets, while improving performance and deploying top-level security through VPC.

We help insurance providers actively engage clients and drive traffic to their platforms by streamlining smart carrier/broker portals, AI-powered intelligent chatbots and mobile apps. We create simple and efficient architecture that tracks losses and behavioural patterns to keep your loss ratios profitable and your clients happy.

We build digital ecosystems that empower underwriters to do what matters most: offer exceptional customer experience and promote constantly expanding book of business. We develop underwriting platforms that flawlessly connect risk assessment and claims handling tools to ensure a fair and lightning-fast underwriting process.

51% of insurance firms cite compliance and data protection as a concern, according to Deloitte. Our clients never fail an audit. We help identify system vulnerabilities, develop mitigation plans and train your in-house talent to uphold security, long after we deliver.

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