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Why Raneso

Raneso offers a wide range of data analytics and consulting services, helping companies of any size and data maturity level drive insights from data to outperform competitors.

Capturing data and harnessing its benefits places a new level of demands on businesses’ data and analytics capabilities. As a data analytics consulting firm, Raneso helps clients to build modern data analytics architectures, evolve to an insight-driven organization through data management and Agile BI systems and practices, and enable AI, machine learning and data science.


The evolution of big data and cloud technologies, as well as an increase in business engagement with data and analytics, has brought a significant shift in the design principles of modern data analytics architectures. Raneso data analytics consultants help clients build architectures that have a flexible, modular structure, enabling components to evolve at the speed of business. Such platforms enable real-time and batch processing, support secure data management and governance, scale on demand, and bill only for the resources used.

Deliverables for Clients

Through the design and construction of modern data analytics architecture solutions, Raneso delivers:

  • A modular and flexible data analytics foundation that evolves with business needs
  • Future-proof architecture that will accommodate new data sources and downstream applications and uses
  • A move from historical reporting to predictive and prescriptive analytics
  • The capabilities for digital transformation and business agility
  • A move to self-service and the Citizen X (integrator, data scientist, etc.)
  • Reduced costs and accelerated change in data architecture and analytics using next-generation cloud technologies
  • Democratized data, business intelligence, and advanced analytics through business-driven data sharing, lineage, quality, security, and governance
  • Greater responsiveness to line-of-business (LOB) users
  • Modern Data Architecture Design and Delivery
  • Data Analytics Implementation
  • Analytics consulting services
Our Skills and Expertise

To plan and construct high-quality data analytics solutions, Raneso harnesses specialist skills like:

  • Data Integration and Data Engineering
  • Data Warehousing, Data Lakes and EDW Automation
  • Big Data Analytics, Real-time, Graph Data Analytics
  • Data Governance, Lineage, Metadata Management
  • Data Visualization, BI, Reporting
  • Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Data Distribution, API Data Delivery
  • Master and Reference Data Management, Semantic Data
  • AI-Infused Applications

To make actionable intelligence possible, companies have to design data architectures and processes that ensure transparency, reliability, and accessibility, while also enabling direct real-time interaction with data by business users. DataArt’s advanced analytics consulting helps clients to establish a modern data management foundation and Agile self-service BI by building business-focused POCs and gradually evolving the data analytics platform and processes.

As a data consulting company, DataArt helps organizations reach the following objectives:

  • Achieve high data quality by establishing robust data quality management and integration practices
  • Define a practical value-driven and business-led data governance framework to support data quality, security, modeling, and integration
  • Improve transparency and trust in data and increase data management efficiency with data lineage and metadata management
  • Make data and analytics easily accessible to a wide range of business users and drive user engagement with those data systems
  • Ensure successful delivery of high-priority business-use cases while simultaneously evolving the data architecture and operating model
  • Data management


To achieve these goals, DataArt provides the following data consulting services:

Data strategy consulting

Data landscape profiling
Solution roadmap definition-architecture and operating model evolution, POC funnel, business case delivery


The transition to an insight-driven business depends on democratized, quick, and easy access to data, business intelligence, and analytics. Giving a wide range of business users, the ability to glean insights from data leads to a better understanding of customers, markets, and operations, and enhances the ability of a business to respond to change rapidly.

Augment traditional standardized Data Warehouse (DW) and Business Intelligence (BI) workloads with self-service BI

This allows business users to efficiently source data and explore its value by building analytical models or visualizations in a matter of minutes or hours.

Analyze and select self-service BI or analytics toolsets that fit each individual business

(e.g., visualization/dashboarding, comprehensive calculation modeling, or supercharged ML-powered analytics).

Integrate BI

Integrate BI with data lineage and metadata management foundations to provide an in-context understanding of the data, along with its flow and semantic and quality characteristics.

Streamline the transition

Streamline the transition from exploration by business users to rapid prototyping/proof-of-concept (PoC) creation by a central BI or data analytics team.


Establish BI governance, usage monitoring, and analytics to continuously curate, rationalize, standardize, optimize, and control business-use case implementations that proved value.

Embed and automate

Embed and automate BI and analytics into line-of-business systems and business processes to seamlessly deliver contextual and actionable insights


Employ usage monitoring and analytics to capture Agile BI value metrics, thereby supporting the understanding, recognition, and continuation of organizational change.

Design a practical data security framework for this era of accessible BI

When designing and building Agile BI solutions, DataArt as a data analyst consulting firm, aims to:

Raneso introduces new models and practices for adapting cybersecurity in Agile ambitions support. We deliver cybersecurity assurances services to protect the company’s data and resources from any vulnerabilities and data breaches, as well as to ensure compliance with important regulations.

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