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Why Raneso

As a trusted partner of major cloud providers, Raneso has a many-year experience innovating in cloud and reviving businesses with cloud transformations. Today, more than ever before, companies should invest in scalability, agility, future-proof infrastructures and security – in cloud.

At Raneso, we have a solid understanding of how your business can benefit from these cloud computing models: Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Engage our experts to assess your existing on-premises infrastructure before migrating to cloud, or identify under-utilized resources, which prevent higher performance of your cloud solutions


Cloud Consulting

Regardless of their cloud maturity level, short- and long-term business strategy – all companies investing in cloud applications must abide by certain best practices. To harness the power of cloud, achieve business agility and reduce spending on cloud initiatives, they should plan and follow a detailed cloud adoption roadmap. As a trusted partner of major cloud service providers, Raneso has helped hundreds of clients plan and complete a successful transformation in hybrid, private, or public cloud. Some of Raneso’s cloud consulting services include cloud readiness assessment, evaluation of current tech stack and choosing an optimal cloud-based setup, cloud architecture and roadmap design, development of PoCs (proof-of-concepts) in the cloud.
Reduced development costs

Your transition to the cloud operating model starts with a comprehensive assessment of your infrastructure, applications, and processes. We will work with you to carefully analyze IT estate and your business objectives, and plan cloud application development and/or migration in alignment with your most urgent business priorities and organizational capabilities.
Migration to Cloud

Some of your systems may be simply re-hosted on the cloud infrastructure, without any changes to the application code. This strategy may benefit organizations that need to migrate legacy workloads out of their data centers to meet a specific deadline, or get to the cloud quickly in the least complex manner to proceed with further cloud software development in the future. While the lift-and-shift approach does not unlock all capabilities, cost efficiency, and value of the cloud, it can be a first step in the cloud transformation journey followed by gradual optimization of the applications and deeper utilization of cloud-native services.
Application Modernization (Re-engineering)

Reengineering involves deeper changes to the application architecture and code, like transforming a monolithic application into a microservices (or serverless) architecture to enable its further evolution over time and/or ease its integration with other systems. This approach enables deeper integration with cloud-native capabilities and services and helps to maximize flexibility, agility, and scalability.
Cloud-Native Development

Systems that take full advantage of the cloud capabilities achieve optimal scalability, cost efficiency, and agility (ability to be changed quickly to test ideas and respond to opportunities). Cloud-native solutions are usually built as microservices, either packaged in containers or using serverless architectures, and managed through agile DevOps processes and continuous delivery workflows. As a part of its cloud application development services, Raneso designs and delivers cloud-native solutions that help our clients achieve critical business outcomes. In the process, we also help upskill their in-house teams by introducing cloud-specific competencies, modern DevOps automation and tooling, and cloud security best practices.
Cloud Integration

Many companies that operate a hybrid mix of on-premises and cloud-hosted applications struggle to have critical data exchanged and synchronized in real-time. Integrated cloud environments, which stitch a hybrid deployment together and/or bring multiple public clouds to a common standard, is a solution modern companies choose for operational nimbleness, scalability, and flexibility. Apart from cloud application development services, Raneso experts plan and execute proper cloud integrations. We assist companies to connect and synchronize multiple disparate systems, environments, and tools in a single cohesive infrastructure, so business users can access data securely, in real-time, from any device, and make the most value of it.
Cloud Security

Security is often named one of the top priorities by companies that transfer their applications into a cloud. All three models of cloud services: Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) are vulnerable to security breaches and threats. As a vendor with 10+ years of experience in cybersecurity, Rneso offers a wide range of cloud security testing services. To ensure cloud-based systems are reliable and well-protected, Raneso experts perform cloud audits, or “white box” infrastructure reviews, and cloud penetration testing, by simulating a real attack on a cloud infrastructure hosted by a provider of choice (AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure, among others). You can rely on extensive cloud security consulting expertise of Raneso experts at any time.
Cloud Analytics
Cloud analytics, or business intelligence (BI), is a preferred option for companies with broad and multifarious analytics needs, whose data is stored in a cloud. As a vendor with many years of experience in cloud solutions development services, DataArt will equip you with the right tools for cloud analytics, including data warehouses and data marts, and custom cloud-based data analytics apps that serve the needs of business users, analytics, and clients.

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