Retail And Distribution

Customized Software Development for Retail, Supply Chain, Distribution and E-commerce

We develop new products and improve businesses by optimizing processes, renovating technology, and creating efficient custom software systems.


Product Development​
  • Delivering expertise across industry practices​
  • B2B / B2C / Enterprise / Startups​
  • Supporting from ideation and prototyping to MVP and finished product​
  • Facilitating proven value-driven, iterative process
System Modernization​
  • Porting, re-engineering, migration, re-platforming of legacy applications
  • Active involvement of business stakeholders, business/IT collaborating
  • KPIs are mapped to business goals and priorities
  • Incremental, iterative delivery of working systems
Technology Consulting​
  • Analyzing the client’s goals and objectives
  • Exploring technology options, existing technical landscape & integration requirements
  • Accommodating client priorities, budget, schedule, and technical constraints
  • Involving stakeholders that are critical for both solution design and adoption
On-demand​ IT
  • Ensuring a scalable and elastic “developer cloud”
  • Scaling up or down as required
  • Sharing risks
  • Providing effective knowledge management
  • Guaranteeing domain expertise

Services and Technologies

We help clients develop new products and improve their businesses by creating efficient custom software systems.

Raneso can help to bootstrap AI capabilities , or fill data and analytics gaps for companies that do not have the expertise internally or do not want to hire new talent until the benefits of AI are proven.

As a trusted partner of major cloud providers, Raneso has a many-year experience innovating in cloud and reviving businesses with cloud transformations. Today, more than ever before, companies should invest in scalability, agility, future-proof infrastructures and security – in cloud.

Give your IT landscape a makeover, while speeding up investments in new, value-adding digital capabilities, allowing tech to transform your business.

Organize and structure your system to get the best out of your business.

Unique experiences connect consumers to your brand. We help you empower your workforce with digital tools to understand the customers they're serving.

Why Raneso?

Strong, well-organized project teams

  • Engineering excellence
  • 3500+ consultants and engineers
  • Raw talent + huge warehouse of resources
  • 10+ million hours of software R&D work


  • Senior management oversight
  • Risk monitoring and audit
  • Special engagement /delivery/process oversight framework
  • Mandatory training on Compliance, Security, and IP Protection
  • Internal audits and we pass SOC2 audits on annual basis

Understanding your business

  • Internal advisory
  • R&D / Competence Centers
  • Knowledge base
  • Training and mentoring

Complementing your team

  • Project team created to meet the project requirements
  • Support of technology and industry experts
  • Profitable, financially strong, fully audited
  • 20+ worldwide locations
  • Easy to engage and drive forward

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